Today was the OFFICIAL opening for the newest fire station in Carlsbad. This new station 3 is a big improvement to what they were in originally. The closing of the original station 3 which was located off of Chestnut in an old converted house to this new station will be a huge advantage. Now that they are located in northeastern Carlsbad and near the open space it will position our firefighters closer to be more efficient in a emergency. This 10,400 sq. foot building sits close to neighborhoods such as the Colony and Calaveras Hills on the corner of Cannon Road and Wind Trail Way, near El Camino Real. This new fire station will house a fire engine, ambulance and other emergency vehicles. It has three vehicle bays, each of which is long enough for two standard engines or Carlsbad’s 63 foot ladder truck. This building has a 28 foot ceiling and was designed with features that reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
It’s a beautiful facility and I think our fire fighters/ paramedics deserve it! Congrats!

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